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Inspired a Writing

Dr. Taylor Marshall Traditional Catholic Values
Michael Maciel Based Priest
Samuel Medas Christian Reggae Singer
MadeByJimBob Satirist / Theologian
Luke Smith Linguist / Crypto Currency Enthusiast
Tom Barnett My second favorite Australian after Steve Irwin
Morgan Gold Wholesome Farmer
crrow777radio.com A guy who points telescopes at the sun.
Terry Davis Creator of TempleOS
Matt McKinley A podcast you may or may not enjoy.
Carneval Based Ecuadorian Farmer Philosopher
John Gabriel Math Guru who's a little too full of himself.

Cool People

Rick Carlino Software lead of Farm Bot
Alex "Denshi"Upcoming tech eceleb
YovozolAnalog Video Glitch Artist
N.J. WildbergerAn Exceptional Mathematician


The Lord of Spirits feeds.ancientfaith.com
Not Related! notrelated.xyz
Crow777 Radio crrow777radio.com
Free Voice Free Voice


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Low Bandwidth Favicons emojifav.com
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Translator simplytranslate.org
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Anything about Perl perlmonks.org
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Domain Registrar for Schizos njal.la
LaTeX symbol finder detexify.kirelabs.org

Good Reads

American Literatureamericanliterature.com
Why Raw Milk?raw-milk-facts.com
Christianity for Brainletsdidntask.neocities.org
If God Exists, How Come I'm a Degenerate Idiot?didntask.neocities.org
Origins of Philosophy friesian.com
The Bible bible.timelesstruths.org
Setup GnuPG with Mutt codesorcery.net
Do you need a website? romanzolotarev.com
Every Web Browser Absolutely Sucks.lukesmith.xyz
Based Encyclopediawiki.chadnet.org

Rule of Thumb

Bad UI grumpy.website
Asking Smart Questions dontasktoask.com
Basic Workout Plan pushpullegs.xyz
Under Construction Images andrews.edu


Johhny and Sally blackpeopleloveus.com


I don't even know cameronsworld.net
🔥 Xanny Family 🔥 xanny.family
Useless Websites theuselessweb.com