My Dandelion

            To my dandelion,                          Still vibrant with syntax,

            I feel your spirit weep.                  a full moon in your prime.

            Though a bitter weed to many,             Roots leaving foot tracks,

            my love is yours to reap.                 waning soul aligned. 
            Now rise through the cracks,              When you're time runs out,

            Young sun; Faith is blind.                you'll know what it's about.

            My advice? Relax,                         Making a wish into the gust,

            just for this one time.                   your seeds will know who to trust.

            The world has hated you,                  Bright stars on the wax,

            but I created you.                        the oath which is signed,

            Do what's right for me,                   keeps you facing the facts.

            and grow old joyfully.                    Hold your heart as mine.

roger dean painting roger dean painting