My Dandelion

            To my dandelion,                          Still vibrant with syntax,

            I feel your spirit weep.                  a full moon in your prime.

            Though a bitter weed to many,             Roots leaving foot tracks,

            my forgiveness is yours to reap.          waning soul aligned. 
            Now rise through the cracks,              Understand you're true,

            Young sun; Faith is blind.                and that I will come through.

            My advice? Relax,                         For your seeds will carry on,

            just for this one time.                   because I'll make them strong.

            The world has hated you,                  Your stars are a hull of wax,

            but I created you.                        The helm is not defined,

            Do what's right for me,                   My realm's eternal climax,

            and grow old joyfully.                    When you accept your heart as mine.