God gives me direction. Everything I do in some shape or form is a homage of gratitude to the LORD. I was raised Catholic ... whatever that means. That upbringing inadequately prepares you to defend your faith. Left confused, I became an atheist and then a vegan. I'm grateful I sacrificed my teenage years following these paths because if I hadn't I would have never personally discovered why they are illegitimate moral pursuits. The trials and tribulations God puts us through all serve a greater purpose.

I'm a 20 year old college student interested in philosophy (not the stoner kind) who refuses to take anything ad hoc. True philosophy covers Metaphysics, Ethics and Epistemology, all three of which can't really be discussed without including the others. A lot of my writing reflects this approach. I also like mathematics, thinking, linguistics, electronics, lifting, jamming ... too much to list to be frank. By jamming I mean I'm a musician who hates reading sheet music. I play the keys in a band.

My major is Computer Science. Though my favorite CS is Lewis ;D. Why'd I pick it? I wish I could ask my 17 year old self that question. It has worked out and I find it interesting, but after 1 software dev internship I'm rethinking it. While I'm not completely set on getting in to cyber security either, the climate of software engineering seems immoral and unfulfilling, especially if the software you're asked to implement is completely backwards. Don't get me wrong, I love to write scripts and programs, heck I might not even be half bad at it. But do I want to denigrate it to a wagie skill? Not really.

After a few CS courses I've come to realize CS is almost soley focused on minimalism, perfect efficiency and automating everything. Just the field of Automata theory by itself yields the root aut- possibly where we get terms such as autist or autism from (yes, there are a lot of autistic individuals in this field and that's nothing to be ashamed about.)

But my problem with identifying as the cs guy, ... ew, is logic cannot tell us what we ought to do (not to be confused with 'aut' xD ). We can't base morality off of 1s and 0s, but instead off of a living, ever-present and spoken word. Like any other major, it's simply too much of a shallow, incomplete, and fragile way to make an identity for yourself. Maybe that's common knowledge but it's worth stating.

No, I'm not going to list the software I use because no one should care. Minimalism is good, but don't identify with it. It is a form of utilitarianism, an endless rabbit hole that leaves you asking now what? Software reviews are not something I'm even remotely interested in talking about. While I'm open to discussing broader patterns in computing, the particulars aren't worthwhile. Software journalism is mind numbingly stale (cough Lunduke), enough said.

With all due respect, keep your objections on what I write to yourself. This is just a little creative outlet, and you'd get little to no publicity starting drama. I'm not stopping you from making a response video. Go crazy. Just realize I don't have the ability to change your mind. Don't waste your time. Debate is vanity, so don't even go there.

On the other hand, don't be afraid to ask questions (in good faith)! I'd love to clear any ambiguities up in what I'm (trying) to say on this darn website of mine.

I periodically revise my writings. I try to make things as clear and concise as possible.

Obviously this is my personal website and only represents my voice, not anyone affiliated with me such as an employer or other legal entity.

Electrical Technician

  I used to inspect and trouble shoot EMI filters, transformers and power supplies. All of these are used in Military assets such as Pulse forming networks for the Navy's radar modulators, Power supply rigs that power the elevators on aircraft carrier decks, and other ish. It was boring while it lasted.

The heading font is Keep on Truckin', an absolute throw back to the 70's.

The floating islands is the artwork of Roger Dean, perhaps one of my favorite artists who envisioned the album covers of the band Yes.

Yes, the color scheme is the cover of the newest edition of Infinite Jest. David Foster Walace was a brilliant writer and inspired me. He committed suicide in 2008. Although, you wouldn't want to be caught in public reading IJ, it had some interesting stuff about AA, capitalism and tennis but was too dense for me to ever finish. I highly recommend you read the first essay, Big Red Son, in Consider the Lobster here.

A lot of my rhetoric stems from Made By Jim Bob (hello fellow bobtards) which in return stems from traditional values and scripture. On the links page you can find all of the dudes who have inspired me to write though I put my own spin on what they have to say. I often write articles by transitioning one person's thoughts into a parallel discussion of someone else's; the connections are what I'm bringing to the table. This site has plenty of links and external sources where you can further explore ideas I thought are interesting enough to bring up.

I write about Biblical scripture, refuting corporate science, the love of wisdom (philo-sophia) and any other topics which are actually important. The tech tutorials are kind of a bonus. I also have recently started poetry.

P.S. the .co is supposed to be for companies but I feel it rolls of the tongue with my last name. It's the domain name for Colombia (no, not the Colombo family although I could see where you're coming from ;P). I'm not fond of the xyz domain for my own reasons, but they sure are cheap.