The Web and Smart Cities

The Corporatization of the Web

The World Wide Web is a broken system, populated with broken computers on broken networks, runnning broken code written by broken people. The web was supposed to bring us together.

The biggest lie ever told by Silicon valley was that they're good at innovating. Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, and AWS; what do they all have in common? The belief that the Internet belongs to big business. After all innovation is reserved for business, right? Wrong. Innovation is for anyone.

The Internet is funded by all of society and should be represented as such. The moment these startups realized data was money the cards were stacked against us. Instead of selling us products, they sell us a service. It creepily fits the motto of the Great Reset, "You will own nothing and be happy". If we own nothing we have nothing to fight for.

Smart Cities as Corporate Platforms

For Big Tech, almost all of this data is just sitting around waiting to be put to use when the next new technology hits the market. While it's true the collection of this data provides super-corporations immense physical leverage, there is a deeper moral underpinning at play. Collecting and storing data forever is almost pointless, demoralization however isn't. Compliance will be the new currency. Virtual platforms will mutate into the physical, labeled as Smart Cities by Big Tech. Just how you can be banned for not complying with the arbitrary terms of service on something like youtube, you could be temporarily flagged or banned from the city itself for any reason and you won't be told what you did.

Petty crime will be handled by mass surveillance (contact tracing) and anything more serious will be dealt with by social workers (cops will be faded out). The powers that be could remove access to your digital wallet (When cash is outlawed), free speech and basic necessities. Just as the Web is now a few giant sites, the "public ledger" cashless economy will be secluded to all the major corporate hubs. Just remember corporation or corpse orate translates to the word of the dead, opposed to the living word: Logos. Going back to the World Economic Forum's slogan, It could very well be in a few lifetimes people will willingly subscribe to their own life, in a membership type fashion.

The Good News

As long as you don't consent to being in debt to that type of system, and choose to have faith in God rather than man, then you are free to live in paradise. Prioritize acquiring physical assets such as land, livestock, and tools over crypto (even monero) and never buy what you can't pay back. Self sufficiency allows us to familiarize ourselves with the smaller supply chains in our lives, whether it be food or information.

Even if buying land is out of your reach, anyone can start an indoor garden at their apartment. It's perhaps one of the most rebellious things you could do against top-down supply chains. Similarly, anyone can make a difference by boycotting corporate platforms. The Internet can be a great utility to spread the good, the true and the beautiful. Just a reminder: you are special and can help foster the rebirth of the Small Web by starting your own website from scratch.