The Crisis Paradigm


Oh no! We Have to Save the World!

It seems today that everything has artificially been labeled a crisis, whether it be the climate, the border, mental health, or worst of all: plandemics. By artificial, I mean problems are manufactured with a predetermined solution in mind. The result of these sub narratives is to coerce change in societal standards which in return change our behaviors. Let's delve into the meaning behind the word crisis.

The Etymology

Crisis, early 15c. vitally important or decisive state of things, point at which change must come, for better or worse, from Latinized form of Greek krisis turning point in a disease, that change which indicates recovery or death (used as such by Hippocrates and Galen), literally judgment, result of a trial, selection, from krinein to seperate, decide, judge, discriminate or distinguish.

There's a lot to unpack there. Something possibly unrelated is the similarity to the phonetics of Christ or Antichrist for that matter. What really jumps out at me is the mentions of judgment and trials. Because that's really what a crisis is: normal everyday people's way of life is put on trial.

How Dare You?

Global crises are used as leverage to invert morality, which in return degenerates culture over time. If one disagrees with the narrative they are against humanity. Not only are they on the wrong side of history but they're mentally ill conspiracy theorists, yet another crisis we need politicians to save us from. Don't believe me? They're for real.

The reality is the people who want their health information to be private, who provide adequate nutrition to their families, who protect them with firearms and aren't afraid to be happy and smile in public, appreciate the miracle of humanity. The ones who are truly misanthropes want to block out the sun, make everyone allergic to meat, and have everyone glued in to a VR headset where they can become their own God. To them, even stopping to talk to your neighbor at the grocery store should be forbidden; you are less approachable with a muzzle on after all.

There exist multiple narrative options that weave in and out of the news cycle. These fairy tales are carefully deployed when its convenient to bring them up, and faded out or combined with another crisis when they go stale.

Take covid and the border crisis for example (I quote the word crisis because it's just an msm nonsensical narrative). How do you keep an idea in a Fox boomer's mind rent free? Bring up illegal immigrants and foreigners. Now the Mexicans are bringing covid into the country, and before it was the Chinese!

Here are some particular narratives that need to be confronted right now.

Gun Control


Cuomo just declared firearm violence a state emergency in New York. Here's the deal. The longer we alienate and scape goat gUnz the more dangerous they become. Think about it. Were you ever formally taught as a child/adolescent about gun safety? Or was it another taboo subject that wasn't allowed to be brought up. Soon, almost no one will know how to defend themselves against a looming threat and will have to depend on protection from others, whether it be a government or a mafia.

When young men are taught the seriousness of what a gun can do and the proper protocols of handling them, a securer society is cemented. This is why no one screws with people in small town America. There is mutual respect and order between everyone.

School shootings and terrorism are the crises deployed to stop this order. While those two are jam packed with narrative nonsense let's take the most basic example: crime. This is obvious in big cities, where there are record crime surges happening right now. Where there is chaos, there is a power vaccum, one which the Government would happily like to fill. And so it follows that tyrants would be against law-abiding citizens owning guns (let alone own anything.)

No matter what, you'd rather have one and not need it than need one and not have it.


Terrorism is the fabrication of an alleged group mentality, while being a group mentality unto itself. From the last point, lone wolf shooters are really apart of some imaginary group that no one can actually pin down. These hyper broadcasted events suggests the idea that anyone from this large unnamed group could commit an atrocity, so we should be afraid of each other.

On the world stage a similar ploy is used: Iran allegedly had weapons of mass destruction. The reality? They were making their own electricity via nuclear power, an egregious and selfish act that the USA and the World banks could not let fly. And so Dubya and Obama hacked them, bombed them, replaced their leaders and destroyed their livelihoods.

The same pattern happened with Iraq. They were exporting so much oil the USA and the banks constructed a narrative around Al-Qaeda to justify war. Anyone who is honest will tell you there is something fishy about 911. We still take our shoes off to get on an airplane to this day after all.


What is the new terrorist threat? It's not this weird Q-anon furry who took a piss on Nancy Pelosi's desk... it's Christian values! The folks connected with God are the enemy. You are potentially a dangerous domestic terrorist, unless you wear your shame muzzle, blindly consent to experimental medical procedures and be a good boy of course.



At the heart of any pandemic narrative, willing participants worship the experts who say they know what's best for everyone.

A Tangled Parable

In 2010, the Disney movie Tangled, a remake of Rapunzel, features the Kingdom of Corona (not such a coincidence if you know corona means crown) where the princess is kidnapped by Mother Gothel, a eugenicist witch. Rapunzel is quarantined in Mother's tower, masked from the danger of the outside world. One song that should ring a bell is "Mother Knows Best", a song which uses feminine authority to scare Rapunzel into wanting to stay in the tower. It's female driven: safety first, helicopter mom style. At large our society has become an extended daycare system not too far off from the movie's depiction. So not only does the witch represent the government but the arm of marketing for the pharmaceutical industry.


An overarching pattern is constraint and relief. When the willing participants complied for what they were told would be 10 days, in reality spanning over 18 months, they had great relief and trauma based satisfaction. Similarly, in Tangled, Rapunzel is released from the Tower and finds much enjoyment in the natural world singing, "For the first time ever, I can finally breath", just as the first to be fully v'ed cheered. The illusion of ultimate freedom is achieved by having everyone comply with the constraints with the promise that there will be a taste of relief. This is Pavlovian training. As long as people behave they will get their treat. Just look at De Blasio offering free fries for v's, as if he was luring an animal into a cage. What's going on here?

Premise Based Trickery

We all have a threshold, and at some point the bottle will be thrown across the kitchen. The majority of people have been saying enough is enough since late last summer. The reason this has gone on so long is premise based trickery. You can't get wide spread cooperation by just barking orders. Firstly a premise is presented. Don't you think we should all be safe? This is the establishing shot, the character descriptions, the movie plot etc.

People will behave consistent in the way the world is presented to them. Being that our worlds have become tiny rectangular screens, anyone could see that fear spread through the phones. Once people accepted the premise that the world was in danger according to their smart device, they gave in to the soft feminine tyranny. Now that the restrictions have lifted, everyone is frolicking around like Rapunzel thanking Tony Bologna for the chance to start their own life again. Very soon you will be told that recess is over and it's back to licking high heels.

Climate Change

This leads to my last example, of which there are too many to fit in one article. Looking at the pattern from the last two, the original premise still fits: Don't you want the World to be safe?

I personally do not give any attention to the news but I overheard my parents mouthing headlines out loud in shock and disbelief how 95 people died of heat exhaustion in Oregon, Washington and Canada because of the heat waves.

So this sets up the same victim/oppressor narrative of covid. You don't want to give up driving or eat bugs? You're against humanity! Notice how it's never the powers that be's responsibility to resolve the situation. The onus is on the average Joe to save the world; the common man is put on trial while the politicians and elites can enjoy the luxuries of life. After all we are just useless consumers taking up their space, eating their food and breathing their air.

Look, overpopulation (yes another fake crisis, bear with me) is very silly. Who determines the correct amount of humans? Why should we let them decide this? The amount of people on the planet can never be accurately known, nor can it be claimed to be arbitrarily too high. Experts say there isn't enough food but this is because people choose to live in large dense cities, where there won't be enough to go around at some point. But this is simply just something people choose to do.

They could homestead in the countryside with others and have all the food they need. The Earth generates all the food and resources we could ever want, it's a matter of embracing harder lifestyles and distributing food with local supply chains. Just looking at the first commandment of the Georgia Guide Stones: limit Earth to half a billion people; we are brought back to eugenics, selection and judgment: the origins of the word crisis.

The Earth's climate has always been changing. That's what it does. In the 70's scientists said we were due for an Ice Age. In the 80's we were warned about Global Warming. Now the all encompassing label Climate Change covers all bases. Is it raining in this country? Climate Change! Is it dry in another? Climate Change! Oh, it's hot in a cold climate? Climate change!

Here's the deal, obviously the climate is changing like it always has, but to what extent is man contributing to this change? The problem with the claim that man contributes to climate change is that it's unfalsifiable. Is there a second Earth with no people where we can observe and compare climates? No. So there's no reference point of knowing for certain that man is contributing to climate change.

What there is evidence of however is pollution in crowded cities in places such as California, Urban India and China. Again, people choose to live easier lives in a city prison which contributes to local smog. In no way does that mean people in the countryside have to change their ways of life or be taxed higher. If anything an argument for sustainability logically ends in everyone becoming a farmer.

Weather as a Force Multiplier


Official documents lay everything out. By 2025, the weather will be at some level controllable at a global scale. Some examples are as follows: Cloud seeding is a weather modification process where silver iodide boosts precipitation, thereby causing rain. In Vietnam, Operation Popeye extended the monsoon season to give the US an edge, effectively making weather an instrument of War. China has expanded their weather modification program to cover areas larger than India. Even Nasa has contributed to weather synthesis. Don't even get me started on chem trails.

So now that we know the military industrial complex and foreign powers have the ability to manipulate weather patterns, why didn't they stop all those people from dying of heat exhaustion in the north west? By their own guidelines they should've helped humanity by hindering the heatwave. Instead the blame is deflected to everyday civilians for refusing to ride a bike or using plastic straws. Bottom line: these weather modification experts are responsible for the deaths, because they say they are.

There is fear mongering that this will be the most active hurricane season on record. It's all because us common folk are using up too much electricity and gasoline, not geo-engineering efforts.

Eventually, we have climate lock downs to look forward to which we know are coming because Tucker Carlson floated the idea a few years in advance (oh please).

Take Aways

If you have morals you have nothing to worry about. If you have the patience to withstand these times, God's plan will unfold and you will have your own paradise. Do not fall for the trap of getting in to pointless debates over nonsense. There's so much more interesting things to discuss.

The common denominator of the crisis paradigm is we should appeal to the knowledge of man in order to heal the world. Crisis allows for a redefinition of morality, one which is based on arbitrary goals in the here and now. It's an ever evolving utopian hellscape of new problems which have convenient solutions. It leads to this hodge-podge of tolerance and the acceptance of everything. Anyone dumb enough to fall for this has what's coming to them.

I'm not convinced people are just dumb however. People know something is wrong, yet it's not enough for them. They are always preoccupied with what the next page will be. As long as the next page is worse but hasn't happened yet, they accept the current page. Any sane person will ask, what are you doing? and the response will be Mommy knows best, just listen and obey!. Not a chance: If a moral claim is based in utility, no one should obey it.