Jordan Peterson: The Meth Bender

... Oh brother

Let's give this a listen.

Now, give it a second listen but picture yourself hearing Jordan in a public bathroom talking to himself, pissing in the sink. The crux of what he's saying here is If you don't know where you're aiming, just aim! Maybe you'll hit something maybe you won't but the only way to know if you're getting closer to the target is to keep on pissing! (err I mean missing).

It's truly amazing people put up with this type of intellectual rambling. It's utterly vague and dumb. Aiming with no intuition and not aiming are semantically the same thing. This self help advice is complete gobbledegook.

It's like Yes and No

Jordan's rhetoric is intentionally confusing and ambiguous to remind his listeners of the chaos in their lives, all in order to prescribe them his self authoring suites. His poor followers (prawns) don't trust their own intuition.

This is classic charlatanism, a confidence trick in order to obtain money, fame, or other advantages through pretense or deception. Look at his book 12 rules for life. Sorry, I don't need a meth head to remind me to make my bed. His agents and managers wanted him to do more books. Guess what the next one was called? Take a listen.

He sounds beaten down like he's totally uninspired. It comes off as an SNL skit. I feel sorry for the guy, because he obviously wants to come closer to the truth. However, he chose to build his intellectual scaffolding off of pragmatism in lieu of morality.

Peterson's Pragmatism

Being effective in order to bring more good in to the world is Jordan's methodology. But effectiveness is goal based and goals are arbitrary. If you made more money, you could be more effective but this is obviously not a fool proof way of bringing good into the world.

Jordan is not a Christian. Christianity is about faith. He likes the utility of the heuristic called the Christian world view model. That's all religion is to him, a toolkit to solve pragmatic problems in the world. The important distinction here is you will never be able to get to God through reasoning and philosophy. Ultimately, you need to be grounded in faith, then branch out in to reasoning, logos and philosophy.

Jordan says he lives his life as if God existed. This is borderline solipsism. It's epistemic nihilism meaning, nothing can be truly known, man. But this stance is a truth claim in it of itself, making it a self detonating statement.

Maybe you like his work, but the claim he is The most influential intellectual of western civilization would make anyone's eyes roll like Stevie Wonder. He can't make a definitive statement to save his life.