Seeking the Truth about the Past


A Guide

We live in a moment where getting to the Truth has never been more important and simultaneously difficult. The premise here is: Truth is worth seeking. To seek is to study the patterns of the past. Here are some pointers.

Assume anything you were taught about history in formal education was propaganda designed to foster, at best, the idea that liberal democracy is an enlightened end state for history, and at worst, social democracy or socialism as the goal of society. In any case, it is a view of history that denigrates the past as ignorant, superstitious and bigoted while upholding the present as all-knowing, enlightened and tolerant. This is the modern ideological bubble many people have grown up in.


There are many deep held beliefs in the modernized version of history, of which many are not aware of. One example, is the witch trials in Salem and England in the 17th and 18th century. The official back story was poor old ladies were accused of witchcraft for no reason other than the superstitious, religious, and barbaric group think of traditional society. The other is the men in charge were eating magic mushrooms. I don't buy it. Of the thirty some odd women burnt at the stake, the majority killed their husbands. While I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with that, capital punishment is still practiced in the USA, China, India and the Middle East. Traditional customs of Justice are still practiced just as they were in the old world.

Your basic assumption about the people of the past should be that they knew what they were doing and made laws for good reasons, not that they were backwards or barbaric. This is the flip side of the last point which often does not pass the common sense standards of modern bugmen. Do you really think small towns randomly started killing people for no reason whatsoever?


We think of the Medieval Times as a time of ignorance and regression. The reality is many of the written works from this time still have never been translated from Latin. There was an immense amount of knowledge and order during this time, but we are taught this was a thousand year long dark age in Europe.


Treat with automatic suspicion any book or public service announcement promoted by mainstream culture. Wherever possible, consult books written before 1945 and assume they are more reliable than books written after 1945. The closer to the present the less reliable the book. That year was the start of the boomer materialist truth regime, which subordinates truth to the narrative that liberal democracy is the highest good. In the past 1.5 years we've discovered how far from reality that claim is.

If the official explanation for something is they were just evil, be sure to read the person concerned in their own words. One of the main tactics is overly tainting a person or movement to hinder any investigation of their message. Many of the dictators throughout history have been written off as irredeemably evil, such as Stalin or Hitler. Read them in their own words, and decide yourself. Hitler, (mean Mr. Mustache) is infamously the most hated man in history and easily fits the description of just evil.

However, while I agree he was a bad dude, refusing to read Mein Kampf is a willfully ignorant decision. In my opinion, he sent millions of young men to die in Stalingrad and helped solidify the Centralization of Banks in Europe. Obviously, serial killers, pedophiles and other abject degenerates of society should receive zero sympathy and don't apply here.

An aside on Censorship

If a book is banned or censored, that's a good reason to read it. It doesn't mean the book is truthful though. My take on censorship is it's necessary. Any positions which intentionally invert truth have no place in our lives. Books can be banned for all sorts of reasons. Banning, To Kill a Mockingbird, because it has the word damn is silly. Other books in the American Canon such as 1984, Animal Farm, Fahrenheit 451, Catcher in the Rye, The Giver, Brave New World, Lord of the Flies, Flowers for Algernon and Invisible Man are all famously taught because they were banned. Books that are complete nonsense are implicitly censored because they're boring and bring nothing to the table. This is why censorship goes hand in hand with free speech. By uttering any truth claim you are filtering out what's false and refining what's true. If everyone was talking at a meeting nothing would be accomplished. You need both the structure of censorship and the creativity of free speech in order to appreciate Truth.

Never count out the possibility that official records have been destroyed or falsified. For example, the original records for the 1890 census allegedly burnt in the basement of the Commerce Building. By 1935, any surviving records were ordered to be destroyed by the Government. Any modern account of the population demographics from that time are not an accurate reflection. The problem is there is a blackhole in our genealogy. Placeholder data is always used to make new assertions and push the Overton window.


Also don't count out the possibility that deception happens on a larger scale through guidance systems such as the Pharmaceutical Industry, Nasa, Universities, or the MSM.

If a story has been turned into a film, the version that the film gives will likely be the exact opposite of what happened. The people represented as the heroes were most likely the villains and vice versa.

Anyone that comes to you pre-smeared by the press or their Wikipedia entry is probably onto something.

If a teacher, or professor presents you both sides of an argument, assume they are both wrong and move beyond the containment. Even if the teacher doesn't know it, both sides being presented are prepackaged and safe, designed to keep you entirely sheltered where no thinking can be done. Most debates are conducted this way.

Refuting Dumb Questions

Questions such as Wouldn't everyone have to be in on it? or But why would anyone want to do that? have simple answers. The latter is because they can. The other being compartmentalization in larger institutions stops people from drawing connections. It is a rather naïve take on what people are capable of when put in positions with grotesque amounts of power.

If you ever thought you were being cheated on, congrats you're now a conspiracy theorist. It is normal behavior and is a form of seeking the truth and bringing justice.