For thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmakeia) were all nations deceived. -Rev 18:23

The Red Herring of Mental Health

The virtue signaling in response to the media's portrayal of Simone Biles is whiny and cliche. She's either lazy and gave up, or is a hero for sitting out. Neither are the case.

For one, Biles is the type of person who grew up inextricably faithful to their craft. They take on the attitude of a warrior, pursuing excellence knowing it's an impossible standard.

Suddenly social movements took over sports. She knew the questions, You're going to raise your fist on the podium, right? Simone, you're going to kneel, right?, were an expectation even if it was never explicitly asked of her. How are you going to concentrate on excellence knowing there would be interviews lined up asking you for social justice commentary, and these interviewers weren't even interested in what you were about, but instead what dignity you'd give up?

It's no longer about winning or being awe-some. There weren't even fans in the stands. You're just flying around a bar in an empty stadium while you watch your teammates give you a half hearted applause with their masks. And the thought that a grown man could one day take your spot is spine chilling nonetheless.

So yes, of course I think she sabotaged herself and I don't blame her. Exercising your free will to refuse participating in nonsense is not a choiceless choice nor a mental health problem. If mental health or health in general for that matter is such an issue why was nearly every commercial during the Olympics pushing a pill?

The irony of sitting on your couch watching the healthiest and fittest athletes in the world compete, only to then cut to the most unhealthy drugs the pharmaceutical industries have to offer, is unbearable. The social movements in a way, mask the underlying motives of Pharmakeia, literally translating to Sorcery from ancient Greek. It means false healing.

And what other way to get a good story out of Biles than to make it out to be her mental health. If she stuck with it the psychopaths would make her the BLM queen, but since she refused they took the chance to reassure the public even the strongest of us should default to using anti depressants. If you're not constantly happy, there's something wrong with you apparently, and it needs to be combated with a prescription. Popping pills do not make the bad times go away, they prolong them. True healing comes with living in accordance with God's plan.

God's Plan

There are too many young people who are depressed right now. There are too many who have forgotten they were put here on Earth for a reason. We measure our success by how far we've fulfilled our purpose. You cannot compare yourself to others to measure success. Everyone's destination is different. Envy, jealousy, bitterness and discouragement arise when your soul is not in order. Think about what you're good at. Pursue it. Make sacrifices to serve your calling. And most of all give thanks to the Lord.