Heaven Tree Chatroom Announcement

Join the Group Chat (XMPP)

The heaven tree webring multi user chat room is now up and running at g@muc.heaventree.xyz.

This took me less than 10 minutes with the help of landchad.net. It's very easy to make an account on a public server (yax.im or something) if you can't host your own account. I encourage everyone in the webring or those interested in the indie web and Christianity to join, in hopes of promoting some sort of comradery.

Next Article Ideas

Two major events which occurred this month was the announcement of a new Synodal reformation (Vatican 3), and the rebranding of Facebook. Both provide a foothold to a one-world religion called transhumanism, where living in the metaverse replaces your belongings (possessions and relationships) with a digital surrogate. Transhumanism also asserts we can live on after we die with man-made technology alone and other beliefs in a counterfeit afterlife. Finally people will willingly pray to augmented intelligence and become part of a blockchain biologically (Humanity 2.0).

An atheist paradigm is not cohesive or strong enough, so this counterfeit religion will be the spiritual super highway to controlling the soul from the top down.